There are so many reasons we are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful counties in the world! From the picturesque sceneries, to the fresh air we breathe to all the welcoming communities, its no wonder why so many people want to move here every year. We have complied a list of things that all New Zealander's should be proud of, lets get into it!

1. New Zealand is a diverse nation

New Zealand is made up of many different cultures including European, Maori, Pacifika, Asian and many more! New Zealand has a population of approximately 4.6 million people with about 3/4 of the population living in the North Island with the biggest city being Auckland. While there are kiwi's that live in other major New Zealand cities such as Wellington (capital), Christchurch and Hamilton. Each one of these cities has something unique about them that attract different people.

2. New Zealand presents great lifestyle opportunities

We value hard-work in our careers but New Zealander's believe in a balanced lifestyle which was ranked second in the world across 3 categories (economy, experience and family) by HSBC's 2016 Expat Explorer survey. There are so many opportunities for everyone to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life in New Zealand.

3. New Zealand's world-class scenery

Every country has world-class scenery but it just happens that New Zealand has lots of it! There is not just one place in New Zealand that you cant get wide open spaces of beautiful nature, beaches or fun/exciting activities. That's why nearly 22,000 expats interviewed for HSBC's 2016 Expat Explorer survey rated New Zealand first in the world for overall experience.

4. New Zealand has pioneered adventurous activities

Did you know that the very first commercial bungee was in New Zealand? We have so many outdoor activities that scream adventures! It is so easy to plan a fun packed weekend away in some beautiful town, with lots of activities to get everyone enjoying themselves. Get out your computer and do some research, visit your local information center that might hold travel information or visit your local travel agent to get inside scoop in the best places to visit. There are hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered!

5. New Zealander's are well-known to be friendly and inclusive people

Around the world New Zealander's have a reputation for being friendly and inclusive people. You are able to walk down the street and strike up a conversation with locals whenever and wherever you are. Being in such a small country with small communities across New Zealand we have learnt the values and importance of being hospitable towards people. Get to know the locals, have good yarns about important New Zealand issues such as when the next game for the All Blacks is and what you think the outcome will be?

6. Wildlife & Conservation inspire New Zealand as a country

Have you ever wondered why New Zealander's call themselves kiwis? Well we don't call ourselves after the kiwifruit although we do grow amazing ones! Rather, our national icon since the early 1900's has been a flightless bird called the Kiwi. It's used as a symbol for the distinctiveness of New Zealand's wildlife and natural heritage. Another native bird, the Kea is found mainly in the South Island and is rated as one of the smartest birds in the world! We also have amazing flora all around the country! A large percentage of land in New Zealand falls under our national parks that we work to preserve and cultivate everything.

7. Excellent Food & Dining Experiences

New Zealand has some of the most amazing restaurants in the world 8 of them being named in the top 1000 on La Liste's. There is fresh food and of course we have New Zealand's famous fish and chips! Get some fish and chips and head to the beach and its a good day waiting to happen! There are so many fresh foods that you are able to try, have a little bit of everything!

This isn't the end of the list, there are many more things that could be listed but otherwise we would able to write a whole novel! New Zealand is an amazing country and New Zealander's have many reasons to be proud. Tell us why you are proud to be a New Zealander and you might be the lucky one to receive some Frut-O Ice Pop's to make your summer more enjoyable!

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