We would really like everyone to know a bit of background on how we decided to create our Frut-O Ice Pop's (New Zealand's Favourite Ice Pops!). So here is the story on why we decided to create them.

We created Frut-O Ice Pop's in 2005, when we constantly encountered numerous ice blocks that were of poor quality, bad tasting products. When our Managing Director's daughter ate an ice block she said that "it's sugar water with no taste" and it was quickly disposed of due to the sharp pieces of ice that was left in her mouth. It wasn't till a couple years later that we came up with the idea to make a high quality ice-block that bursted with flavour and had the ability to be consumed no matter the weather. The market already had enough cheap versions but demanded a premium product. This was a challenge we gladly accepted, and this was the humble start of our story.

If you ask us about the the outcome of this whole project, the answer would be- we have NAILED it! Not only have we created a quality tasting product but we have achieved something greater than that, we are proud to say that we have created New Zealand’s Favourite Ice Pops!

We are very pleased that New Zealanders love our product just as much as we do, and to prove it we have our very first customer testimonials who have stuck with our product over the years!

“Your Frut-O Ice Pops are the very best ice blocks our family has EVER tasted!! I am 7 months pregnant and the ONE thing I crave is COLD fruit! Your ice blocks fulfills that need, ice cold, fruity and the best thing is they don’t freeze to solid! We tried one packet, and once we finished those we went back and bought 10 more packets. Crazy but YUMMY!!! The whole family is just crazy about them. Thanks!!! Vivien Peter”

Thank you to everyone who supports us! We are so thankful to everyone!

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