You’re probably aware that exercise is good for you. It is essential for your health and overall fitness. That part is very easy, simple and common and many people know that. You hear about why you should exercise all the time and probably thought you’ve heard it all.

Well, there are actually many more things you should know why having a regular exercise routine must be something you should do if you haven’t started it yet.

Exercise is great for keeping your heart and body in shape. Getting proper amount of exercise can help you look and feel good. Some of the remarkable reasons why getting lots of exercise is important include, but not limited to the following:

  • It promotes better moods

  • Can help strengthen and get rid of annoying back pains

  • You sleep better

  • Maintain weight loss and prevent excess weight gain

  • Help combats diseases and other health conditions

  • Boosts your energy levels

  • Improves immune system

What Happens in the Body When You Exercise?

Exercise affects the body in countless ways, both indirectly and directly. Here are some of the remarkable benefits happening in your body whenever you exercise:

Brain – inactivity can literally change your brain structure, so staying active is crucial for your brain development. When you exercise, your blood flow increases, which will allow your brain to function better. Therefore, you become more focused after workout. Also, regular exercise can promote new brain cells growth, which can help boost learning and memory.

Heart – your heart rate increases as you exercise, supplying more oxygenated blood to the muscles. When you have a fit and healthy body, your heart can do this more effectively. Such increased efficiency can reduce your resting heart rate, therefore decreasing your blood pressure due to the formation of new blood vessels.

Lungs – when you exercise, your muscles will need more oxygen, so your breathing rate will also increase. Your lungs will require as much as fifteen times more oxygen than when you are at rest. When the muscles that surround your lungs can’t move any faster, you have reached your maximum capacity of oxygen use, and the higher it is, the fitter you become.

Muscles – your muscles use ATP and glucose for movement and contraction. To generate more ATP, the body requires more oxygen. Therefore, your breathing will increase and the heart will begin pumping more blood to the muscles.

Bones and Joints – normally, peak bone mass is achieved during adulthood and then starts to slowly decline. Weight-bearing exercise is one of the most efficient remedies against osteoporosis, as the bones are very soft and porous. As you become older, your bones can become less dense and more brittle. Exercise can help maintain a healthy bone mass as you become older.

By staying active and having right amount of exercise every day, you will notice remarkable changes not only in your physical body but also in your overall health. You will have an improved mood and a stronger and fitter body.

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